Senior scientist

Department of Earth Sciences
Seismology and Geodynamics (SEG)
Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zürich

Curriculum Vitae




I am a terrestrial and planetary seismologist with a background in both engineering and earth science. I completed my Ph.D. in 2018 at Cornell University and continued my research at the University of Maryland as a postdoctoral researcher. Now, I am at ETH Zürich as a senior scientist working on many exciting topics in earth and planetary science while teaching / mentoring students to motivate them to become the next generation of scientists and educators.


My scientific interest is to improve our understanding of processes within planetary interiors that involve interactions between contrasting materials, from the regolith and crust of the Moon and asteroids which potentially contain potentially valuable geological resources including lava tubes and void spaces, ice deposits, and magma-tectonic systems, to largely unexplored core-mantle boundary regions in deep planetary interiors. Geophysical measurements interpreted using quantitative models are the key to advancing our knowledge of the dynamics and internal structure of the Earth and other planetary bodies, including variations of density, fluid content, and temperature. As a seismologist, I primarily focus on developing and implementing new ways of analyzing observations and interpreting them using quantitative models that relate them to processes across different spatiotemporal scales. My ongoing research areas largely include leveraging geophysical techniques developed for studying Earth structures in order to investigate the internal structures, dynamics and evolution of the planetary bodies in our solar system. On-going projects include:

I. Earth's critical zones [highlights by EOS / IRIS]
II. Crustal magma chambers
III. Subduction zones and low-velocity channels
IV. Deep earth structures near the core-mantle boundary [FEATURED PERSPECTIVE] [MEDIA COVERAGE]
V. Machine learning in Earth and planetary sciences [SEQUENCER] [highlights by EOS] [MARSQUAKENET]
VII. Geophysical Exploration of the Dynamics and Evolution of the Solar System [GEODES NASA SSERVI]
VIII. Planetary analog studies for the upcoming lunar missions


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